30+ Recycled Christmas Crafts

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Recycled Christmas Crafts are a fun way to repurpose and recycle items from your home, garage and yard into homemade Christmas decorations, Christmas ornaments and stocking stuffers.

Have fun going green this Christmas and spark the creativity – you never know what item in your household can be transformed into an upcycled Christmas craft.


Recycled Christmas Ornament Ideas

Packing boxes make a great material to repurpose into Christmas Ornaments. Recycle those boxes and shipping envelopes into reindeers and trees to add homemade recycled Christmas ornaments to the tree.

Don’t overlook the pebbles in your yard to create upcycled Christmas Ornaments. Pebbles make a wonderful medium for a recycled twist on the traditional Christmas ornament.

Reindeer Ornaments (from a box!)

 Christmas Ornament With Pebbles

Recycled Christmas Tree Ornament

Recycled Christmas Crafts For Young Kids

The littles and toddlers can help make these simple Christmas crafts using scrap felt, popsicle sticks and buttons.

Reindeer Ornament For Young Kids

Reindeer Ornament From Felt

Christmas Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Christmas Button Ornaments

Christmas Candy Crafts

Full disclosure I love Christmas candy crafts!  This is an old school craft made annually… for decades! What I have also learned is extra Halloween candy plus those candy canes from last Christmas can be repurposed with ease. Get your glue gun in gear and help lead Rudolph make these cute stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.

The Snowman candy wrapper is another repurpose Halloween candy into these lovable and edible snowmen. A Christmas candy craft with alot of flexibility! Make mini chocolate snowman all the way up to Giant candy bar Snowmen. Yum!

Candy Cane Sleigh

Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper

Collage Snowman Popcorn Wrapper and Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper Christmas stocking stuffers.


Recycled Christmas Decoration Ideas

Old ceiling fan blades can easily be upcycled into a DIY Christmas Decoration! Use is as wall hanging or door hanger for the season. save the hardware to repurpose into a Christmas ornament. 

Repurpose potpourri and old glass containers into a lighted Christmas potpourri decoration. Light up the glass with mini fairy lights and enjoy the aroma of this old school Christmas craft.

What to do with mason jar lids? Make a Mason Jar Lid Christmas decoration with three materials! It is that easy: hang on the tree, the door or the wall for the season.








Recycled Door Hanger

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree

DIY Lighted Candle

Recycled Reindeer Craft Ideas

Reindeer are a Christmas craft favorite in this house and it is amazing the amount of everyday household items which can be made into Christmas Reindeer crafts: clothespins, walnut shells, scrap paper, old mason jars and even peanut shells. 

Add a few googly eyes (cause googly eyes make the Reindeer of course) and a red pom pom from the craft stash and a crafty Rudolph is on the way!







Clothespin Reindeer

Walnut Shell Reindeer







Reindeer Gift Tags

Reindeer Mason Jar

Reindeer Gift Bags

Recycled Christmas Tree Ideas

Head over to the old button bin to make a button Christmas Tree for the holiday decorations. I made a candy cane version, but any buttons can be made into a tree for the holidays.

Branches from the yard and old glass vases can make a Christmas Tree in no time. Repurpose branches, vases and construction paper to create a whimsical homemade Christmas tree.

Feeling lucky? Transform any tree into a Christmas lottery tree! Mini Christmas trees plus lottery tickets (or homemade gift certificates) are an unexpected gift the recipients always enjoy!







Christmas Lottery Tree

How To Make A Christmas Tree

Christmas Button Tree

Recycled Paper Christmas Crafts

So much paper and boxes this year! 

Upcycle cereal boxes into Santa’s fireplace with stockings and a fire! Kids will love this homemade craft and can personalize the stockings for the family and friends.

Tissue paper is another material to repurpose into paper mache Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations.

And of course construction paper is a staple of Christmas crafting and the littles can make Christmas wreaths to hang or as a centerpiece.








Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Cereal Box Santa’s Fireplace

Paper Christmas Ball

Recycled Snowman Crafts

Is your recycling bin brimming with milk and juice plastic jugs? Turn those jugs into cute and quirky recycled Snowman decorations. no snowman will look alike!  Or have the littles make an upcycled Snowman village with used beverage containers of any size.

If your family is crafty then scraps of paper and extra googly eyes seem to multiply in the craft closet. Easy Snowman Gift Bags are cute homeade gift bags and perfect to hold a neighbor or teacher gift. Save wrapping paper from the holiday season and make a few fun Snowman for a winter craft.

Old school! Remember paper mache? Just the Christmas and winter craft to occupy the littles- who doesn’t love a gooey craft which transforms ordinary paper towels into snowmen! 








Snowman Gift Bags

Recycled Snowman

Paper Mache Snowman

Snowman Mason Jar Craft

Recycled Christmas Vase Ideas

Candy Canes seem to multiply every year! Anyone wish you could just buy a few, preferably not cracked, candy canes for the tree? Popsicle sticks are another crafting material that seem to multiply without a glance. Turn popsicle sticks into a Christmas vase to hold candy canes or even Christmas lollipops!

Old mason jars can be with a little labor into Christmas vases and lighted Christmas decorations. Just use old paint from the old paint shelf (I know you have one!) and flameless candles to light up the home. Create the warm glow by using the amber color of flameless candles.

Christmas candy abounds and green and red candies make the “water” for Christmas vases made of old buttons and glass containers. A very easy Christmas craft for all!








Popsicle Stick Christmas Vase

Recycled Mason Jar Vase

Christmas Button Vase

Recycled Mason Jar Christmas Lighted Vase

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Big googly eyes on a black background


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Collage of painted holiday mason jars

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