Paper Plate Christmas Wreath: Dollar Store Craft

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Ready for an easy Christmas dollar store craft! The paper plate Christmas wreath is quick and fun and only three materials are needed. A friend gave me a vintage paper plate Christmas wreath made back in the day and I gave this Christmas Dollar Store craft a refresh. Who said paper plate crafts won’t stand the test of time – it’s a myth!

Christmas wreath made of red and green constructin paper pinwheels and a candle in the middle.


After making a few Christmas wreaths in different colors and different configurations I started experimenting and found that I really liked using the wreath as a candle holder to make a Dollar Store Christmas centerpiece. Try experimenting with different paper plate sizes and the mini wreaths were adorable.

How To Make Paper Plate Christmas Wreath


Construction Paper

Paper Plate (size is up to you)

Glue, any kind or a glue stick

Ribbon for decoration is optional



For any size paper plate the middle needs to be cut out. 

  • Small wreath = 6 inch paper plate
  • Medium wreath = 8.5″ paper plate
  • Large wreath = 10″ paper plate
  1. The rim of the paper plate will be the base of the wreath.
  2. Once the middle is cut out the paper plate is kept front side up. I found this works best as the wreath base.
  3. Choose the colors of the construction paper to make the wreath.
  4. Triangle pieces of construction paper are used.  I have included a paper plate template (nothing fancy, just my own sizing and templates), but the sizing is ultimately up to you.
  5. Make the construction paper triangles.
  6. Fold a piece of construction paper into four squares.
  7. Trace (or can freehand) the triangles on each construction paper square.
  8. Cut out the construction paper triangles.
  9. With the triangle facing you and the short point facing up. 
  10. Fold the triangle in half.
  11. Give the right side of the triangle a gentle twist up and put a dab of glue between each layer of paper.
  12. Repeat many times!
  13. After the triangles are made begin placing and gluing the triangles on the edge of the paper plate. The order and which way the triangles face is up to you; however the pointy side of the triangle should face out.
  14. More triangles = a fluffier wreath. 
  15. I found filling the inner ring of the wreath first is helpful and building the remainder of the wreath after the inner ring is filled.

Decorating The Paper Plate Wreath

Anything goes to decorate the wreath or no decorations work too!

Berries can be cut out from construction paper. Or stars. Or bells. 

Your craft stash probably has a few Christmas materials that can be used.

Ribbon can be used to make an optional bow or weaved between the triangles.

Paper Plate Christmas Centerpiece

After making a few wreaths I decided to turn the wreath into a centerpiece and Christmas decoration.

The wreath worked very well and the middle can be filled with flowers, flameless lights, Christmas figurines. It’s amazing what the littles will think of to use the wreath for (no, not approved as a dog collar!)

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