Christmas Lottery Tree {Easy Christmas Craft}

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The Christmas Lottery Tree is such a fun gift!  A quick Christmas craft for all ages and guaranteed to bring a smile and a big thank you from the lucky recipient. 

Christmas tree decorated with instant lottery tickets as ornaments.


This Tree can be made from instant tickets which I like because the tickets are colorful and there are Christmas and Holiday theme lottery tickets. If the lucky recipient plays the weekly or daily drawings then those tickets work too!

Of course such a gift does come with the assumed risk – make sure you gift the Lottery Tree to a person you’d like to give the chance to win a few or many many bucks! Looking for a group gift from friends, neighbors or co-workers? Everyone can contribute for a memorable group gift.

How To Make A Lottery Tree


Selection of Instant Lottery tickets or regular tickets

Artificial Mini Tree or a table top tree

Tree decorations and lights optional. But I recommend the Artificial Mini Tree.

Binder clips to attach tickets to tree


  1. The assembly is straightforward and self explanatory.
  2. Decide upon the size tree. I have made Lottery Trees from all size trees! Micro mini to full size Christmas Trees.
  3. Decorate the tree with lights and Christmas decorations.
  4. The last decorations that will be added  are the lottery tickets.
  5. Use binder clips to attach the tickets to the tree. 
  6. The number of tickets is absolutely personal preference. I like to sprinkle the tree with tickets and that is why I love the instant tickets with the Christmas theme. My state has a very nice selection of $1 tickets with Christmas, holiday and winter themes.

Lottery Tree Ideas

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the Lottery Tree into the Christmas festivities is to use the full size Christmas tree already decorated and play Lottery Tree Santa! This does require an after midnight visit or a very early morning visit to the tree. 

Armed with binder clips and lottery tickets I attach the tickets to the tree so the gift will be ready in the morning for the lucky recipient! So fun to see the look of surprise when the tickets are noticed on the tree! But as all good plans can sometimes find a snag, if you do not have binder clips or even paper clips then scotch tape will work! Just make sure to avoid placing the tape on any ‘important’ part of the ticket like the bar code in case the ticket is a w-i-n-n-e-r!

Christmas And Other Gift Occasions

The Instant Lottery Tree is a hit anytime of the year. Easter Egg Instant Lottery Tree, Birthday Instant Lottery Tree, Graduation Instant Lottery Tree.

The after Christmas sales are a great time to pick up an inexpensive tree for the future if you need a Artificial Mini Tree off season. Finding an affordable tree off season can be tough, but the trees are always available online.

It can also be difficult to find Mini Tree lights off season so stock up in the Fall or shop online throughout the year. I have had great luck finding trees and lights at the local dollar store right after Halloween when the Christmas decorations are being stocked.

Christmas Lottery Wreath

If you do not have a spare Christmas tree no worries! Turn the lottery tree into a lottery wreath in minutes. 

Collage of Christmas trees and wreaths decorated with instant lottery tickets.

Simply add the lottery tickets to the wreath with clips or paper clips. I like the little office clips to make it just so easy and a little DIY Christmas whimsy look. I use the tried and true artificial wreath that comes up from the lower level every year during the holidays.

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  1. That is a really cute way to display that kind of gift. We are having a bazaar and I bet the lottery tree wold be a hit for someone!

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