DIY Christmas Reindeer Gift Tags

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These adorable personalized Christmas gift tags celebrate a little bit of reindeer and your favorite peanut! Reindeer gift tags are very easy to make and bring a bit of whimsy into your holiday gift tags. Sometimes you feel like a nut? Don’t answer that ~ Fun and whimsical Reindeer Christmas craft! Who doesn’t love a herd of cute reindeer?

Reindeer gift tag made with peanut shell.

Easy and affordable, this is a project for any age and each gift tag has its’ own je ne sais quoi. What I loved about these reindeer is the project uses many items already in your holiday wrapping or craft stash to make your very own personalized tags by adding the To / From to the tag.

How To Make Personalized Christmas Gift Tags

Careful! Don’t Get Reindeer Elbow!

I don’t pretend this to be an original idea. I saw a version of the reindeer gift tags originally on Pinterest,  but one of the interesting or perhaps white flag was finding original directions. Odd I thought there was no pin with actual directions. It would seem self explanatory as to how to create the reindeer Christmas gift tags although there were a few tweaks along the way to learn.

After making a herd of these little gems I thought aha, now I know why these are harder to make than they look;  you have to cut each peanut vertically – what an arm breaker! Of course your reward is two peanuts to make two gift tags if you are successful so that is a bonus! And if you are just making a few reindeer, no big deal – but to make the reindeer/ aka peanut shells in quantity, I suggest bringing in the muscle to cut those peanuts in half.

Reindeer Christmas Gift Tag Nose and Ribbon

Mini red pom poms are perfect for Rudolph’s nose. Red magic marker can also be used as I loved the look of the fuzzy nose I found 100 red pom poms at the dollar store.

The ribbon is also optional.  You can use ribbon or jute. The one expense I do recommend is not scrimping on the gift tags. The big box office supply store does have gift tags; however, they looked very “officy”. I found these gift tags on amazon (twine included) and was very pleased with the size and quality of the card. The finished cardstock card measured 3 3/4″ by 1 3/4″, big enough for one peanut or two small ones.

So when you are feeling like a nut or just a little Christmas crafty this month, consider adding reindeer gift tags to your holiday craft repertoire.

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