Last Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

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As the proverbial holiday clock ticks down before Christmas and you gaze longingly at the Christmas craft stash. The craft stash had the best of intentions, but you’ve run out of time! Yet you still would like to include a homemade craft or stocking stuffer – you still have time with these easy and homemade last minute Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers.

Collage of homemade christmas gifts: candy cane sleigh, snowman popcorn wrapper, edible christmas tree


Christmas Candy Cane Sleigh

Purchase your chocolate and heat up the glue gun and in a few minutes you will have made Christmas Candy Cane Sleighs! Very easy, very quick and very accommodating as a cute addition to every Christmas plate and Christmas card!

Christmas Candy Cane Sleigh DIY. Use coupons and the dollar store to stock up for these cute little snowmen, teddy bear and santa candy cane sleighs.

Chocolates which work well for the Christmas Candy Cane Sleigh are:

Hershey mini bars, Christmas mix

Hershey Nuggets

Hershey Kisses

Mini Santas, snowmen, teddy bears

Full tutorial is available for assembly ideas; but a glue gun is all that is needed to assembly the sleighs.

The DIY Lottery Ticket Tree

Do you have an instant lottery ticket fan in your Santa circle? While I have made the DIY Lottery Ticket Tree with a stand alone mini tree in advance the lottery ticket tree can also be the ultimate last minute gift by just buying the the tickets and a little creative surprise decorating.

The Lottery Ticket tree is a fun gift anytime of the year!

This is the ultimate last minute DIY when you creatively place the lottery tickets on the actual Christmas tree! Lottery ticket Santa uses binder clips Christmas eve to attach the lottery tickets to your Christmas tree so the tree is sparkling with lottery tickets for the morning. Buy you instant lottery tickets, a few small binder clips and creative decorating equals the Christmas Lottery Tree!

Reindeer Rice Krispies Lollipops!

Three Reindeer Lollipops

I am admittedly a fan of the reindeer. Use store bought Rice Krispies Treats (or make your own if you have time) add icing, candy eyes and a candy Rudolph nose and a very easy and Rudolph cute Lollipop is made is no time.  Click here to learn how to make this easy Christmas craft.

Edible Christmas Tree

This DIY does take a bit of labor, but the reward is worth the effort! From pre Christmas through the New Year is the perfect time to make your guests the Edible Vegetable Christmas Tree. All you need are toothpicks, foil, vegetables and a Styrofoam cone (check the dollar store!) to craft your tree.

Edible Christmas tree centerpiece made of vegetables.

Add your favorite veggie dipping sauce and watch your guests eat their way through the tree.

Snowman Popcorn Wrappers & Hershey Bar Snowmen Candy Wrappers

Collage Snowman Popcorn Wrapper and Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper Christmas stocking stuffers.

For the I am running out of time, but would like to make a homemade Christmas party favor, stocking stuffer or co-worker gift. I personalize these Snowman Popcorn Wrappers and the Hershey Bar Snowmen with an online free photo editor. Many of the downloads are under $2.00 for the template which you download and print to reuse for many many snowmen! Search Christmas candy wrapper on Etsy.

DIY Christmas Button Vase

Recycle, repurpose glass bottles or containers in your home and head to the craft stash for buttons. Quirky, whimsical and homemade button vase (crafty knitters, crocheters, sewers and quilters get a kick out this Christmas craft!) Trust me, they all have their “favorite” buttons. Click here to learn how to make this easy Christmas craft.

Christmas Vase with button flowers.

Woof! Dog Bone Reindeer DIY

These cute little reindeer are so fun for kids to make and to include with their teacher gifts or stocking stuffers. A quick trip to the Dollar Store and you will find the materials needed!

Fun DIY Reindeer craft with dog bones. Make a quirky and cute Reindeer ornament from dog bones!


Another fun last minute Christmas DIY for kids is the Clothespin Reindeer. Another economical Christmas craft with materials easily found at the Dollar Store or your craft stash!

DIY Reindeer Christmas Craft! Start at the dollar store to make this easy kids Christmas craft.

Easy Christmas Crafts – Last Minute!

last minute Christmas DIY

last minute Christmas DIY

Dollar Store Reindeer Craft


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