Oh Fudge! My Top Five Favorite Fudge Recipes

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Love love love fudge! I am a connoisseur of the fudge recipe. For the holidays I have compiled the top five fudge recipes I make every year. A variety of ingredients combine for a colorful selection of fudge in different colors with a variety of ingredients to please every fudge fan.

Pan of fudge.

1. Original Fantasy Fudge Recipe

And being a traditionalist, I continue to love the Original Fantasy Fudge recipe. Original as in, hey who changed the ingredients? Did they think I wouldn’t notice a change of ingredients on the  marshmallow creme jar!

This is my all time favorite old fashioned fudge recipe that I was taught to make as soon as I was old enough to cook. The creamy texture and sweet, but not too sweet chocolate melt in your mouth fudge.


Fudge squares, Christmas tree and marshmallow creme jar.


Fantasy Fudge is my go to fudge recipe and a bonus the chocolate fudge freezes very well. Actually that is one of my most asked questions, “Can You Freeze Fudge?” The answer is yes! I’ve compiled my top freezing fudge tips for the holiday season.

2. Three Minute Fudge Recipe

As I mentioned, the Original Fantasy Fudge recipe is my go to. But I did find and try a “simple” fudge recipe which was very good.

Simple as in less ingredients and is microwave friendly. The Three Minute Fudge recipe is a winner!

No wonder it has been pinned thousands of times. Three ingredients, three minutes and your batch of fudge is ready.

Top four fudge recipes.

3.  Cherry Fudge With Dark Chocolate Recipe

White chocolate, dark chocolate and cherries combine to produce a scrumptious and visually pleasing fudge for the dark chocolate aficionados in your family or circle of friends.

A nice break from the traditional look of fudge, this fudge recipe makes a pinkish color of fudge which will brighten up any table or potluck. 

Seek out this fun recipe for Cherry Fudge and enjoy!

4. Snickerdoodle Fudge Cups

A fun twist on the traditional fudge squares! Snickerdoodle Fudge cups are the mini dessert perfect for holiday parties and so easy to wrap as Christmas gifts.

Snickerdoodle fudge cups

5. Butterfinger Fudge Recipe

I stumbled upon this recipe when searching recipes for butterfinger bars, yum! And what does an intrepid foodie do, but tweaked a butterfinger bar recipe into yes, pause, Butterfinger Fudge!

Made with candycorn, peanut butter, chocolate and butterscotch chips and of course one butterfinger candy bar as a garnish. Sounds very sweet, but the flavors meld into yummy fudge!

Another easy breezy fudge recipe to make, the hardest part is probably the garnish, which is not difficult at all and adds just the perfect crunch garnish.

So widen your fudge recipe repertoire and try any or all of the above, the fudge lovers in your circle will love you!

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  1. I never really understood the fudge recipes with the marshmallow creme in them until this year. Have yet to try one, but I probably will do at least once so I can appreciate the science of it 🙂

    Your cherry fudge looks really yummy too! Pinning the recipes for future use.

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