Can You Freeze Fudge?

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The answer is unequivocally yes! You can freeze fudge and I highly recommend it! Learn how easy it is to freeze fudge and preserve your favorite melt in your mouth fudge recipe. The holiday season is so hectic and storing fudge in the freezer is the perfect way to make fudge at your convenience and the fudge is ready to serve at your convenience!

Collage of fudge squares, how to freeze fudge with saran wrap and aluminum foil.

The only decision to make when freezing fudge is to freeze individual servings or as a block of fudge. I actually freeze a batch of fudge both ways.

How to Freeze Fudge

  1. Make your favorite fudge recipe.

  2. Cool the fudge completely on the kitchen counter.

  3. Cut the fudge into individual serving squares or a block (size is your choice)

  4. Triple wrap the fudge to ensure freshness.

  5. Wrap the fudge in plastic wrap.

  6. Wrap the fudge in aluminum foil.

  7. Insert the fudge into a freezer plastic bag and mark the date on the outside of the plastic bag.

  8. Insert fudge into freezer.

Why I Triple Wrap Fudge?

Triple wrapping the fudge is personal preference. I like to ensure the fudge is totally protected from freezer burn. 

Should I cut the fudge into individual squares or freeze as a block?

This is personal preference too! I actually wrap my Fantasy Fudge recipe into individual squares and in a block. For ease of serving after defrosting I cut the fudge into a block about 4″ by 4″ and then cut the fudge block into individual pieces BUT I freeze the block as is and do not separate the individual pieces.

fudge blocks cut into squares

This makes serving the fudge much easier when defrosted.

Simply defrost the fudge block in the refrigerator or counter if in a hurry and after defrosting separate the squares from the fudge block.

What is My Favorite Marshmallow Fudge Recipe?

The old school, no fail Original Fantasy Fudge Is My Favorite Fudge Recipe! Not the imposter currently on the marshmallow fluff jar. The real deal Grandma and Mom used to make. Traditional Old Fashioned chocolate fudge with marshmallow creme.

marshmallow fluff jars with fudge recipe and fudge squares

This is the fudge my family made every year for decades. A no fail melt in your mouth creamy fudge that is a holiday dessert everyone loves.

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