Low Oxalate Gift Guide

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Low Oxalate Diets. Low Oxalate Foods. Low Oxalate Recipes! What to give the low oxalate cook (wait, what is an oxalate?) Are your eyes glazing over? The Low Oxalate Gift Guide is here to help you give practical and helpful gifts for the low oxalate cook.

If the two words low oxalate have entered your household than change is imminent and change that involves food, comfort and lifestyle. Eating and cooking low oxalate is a major lifestyle change and takes a great deal of time, effort and labor to adjust to a new way of eating and cooking (and oh by the way, not to mention your loved one may be in the throes of a kidney stone attack or managing another condition which a low oxalate lifestyle is merited!)

The Low Oxalate Gift Guide

Gift giving doesn’t have to be hard! Low oxalate recipes don’t have to be hard to find!

I’ve compiled this Low Oxalate Gift Guide with products I have used and find helpful. Helpful for the short run and the long haul! Gone are the days of the chocolate and nut gift baskets if you are buying low oxalate … but that doesn’t mean a gift basket can’t be low oxalate.

I love to receive gift baskets with items I’d love to have, but perhaps are not in the budget or are items that are special treats due to availability or cost.

Let the low oxalate gift buying begin! I’ve done the testing and only recommend products I have used and would purchase again.

Low Oxalate Recipe Of The Week

Straight to your inbox at no charge is the Low Oxalate Newsletter with the Recipe Of The Week along with authoritative resources and low oxalate news. I also pass along recipes in Beta and always welcome feedback or suggestions for future recipes. All are welcome >> join us here.

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Low Oxalate Resources

I have compiled my favorite authoritative low oxalate resources in Low Oxalate Resources and Low Oxalate Menu Ideas. Follow the Low Oxalate Recipes Pinterest Board or join the Low Oxalate Foodies to discuss all foods low oxalate and find recipe ideas. A free Low Oxalate Resource Guide is available here.

Low Oxalate recipes on Pinterest Board.

This book is a favorite starter book. No More Kidney Stones by Rodman, Sosa, Seidman and Jones. The book contains solid explanations of the mechanics of forming kidney stones, the medical procedures available and will provide information you wish your urologist provided. A caveat is the book was published in 2007 and low oxalate menus have come along way. I would seek information elsewhere for recipes. There does not seem to be a shortage of oxalate value lists and ultimately it is up to the individual as to which list to follow.

The Harvard List aka The Harvard Oxalate Content List. The measurement of oxalate values in an easy to read spreadsheet; look for the file dated 2017.

The Low Oxalate Cookbook

Full disclosure as this is the book I authored. The Harvard List is used to define the oxalate value of foods and for the recipes created. The Low Oxalate Cookbook contains 50 low oxalate recipes that are easy to make, bake and enjoy! This is a book for cooks desiring to affordably feed a family of four without making dual meals and enjoy good ole home cooking recipes.

The Low Oxalate Cookbook

Low Oxalate Foods

When I first encountered Ice Chips Candy I thought – what a great idea! I reached out to the company to sample a few flavors and was wowed by the refreshing taste of the Ice Chips without the sugar or aftertaste so many sugar free candies leave behind. Ice Chips Candy is packaged in a tin which makes it easy to carry in a purse, briefcase or stash in the office drawer.

The candy is in “chip” form so each chip is small and a different size in the tin.  Birch bark Xylitol made in the USA is used to flavor the chips and as with any food containing xylitol should not be eaten by pets. Individuals sensitive to xylitol should visit the Ice Chips Candy website to find the research behind their product and the use of xylitol.

The Ice Candy Chips make a great addition to a Low Oxalate Gift Basket! The tins are a bit pricey, but free shipping is offered which helps with the cost. The candy is also offered in convenient soft pouches.


HINT Fruit Infused Water

This is flavored water that I enjoy (and I do not care for water!) Alas drinking the amount of water recommended daily can be quite a challenge. Hint water helps lessen the challenge with naturally flavored water in a variety of fun fruit flavors (say that three times in a row!).  The variety pack is a good starter set to find which are the most enjoyable flavors. Hint even comes in a kids size box for convenience and packing into school lunches.


I am lucky to live close to Penzey’s Spices retail store and love their selection of herbs and spices to liven up a low oxalate menu! Living in a cold weather state does not lend itself to fresh herbs year round and Penzey’s is a quality alternative.  Penzey’s also offers fun spice packages such as the Grilling set, Welcome set and my favorite is the Heart and Soul gift set. The spices are sold individually.

Ghee Butter

Ghee Butter is a dairy free alternative to cooking oil that is gluten-free, Paleo  and Whole 30 friendly. Always handy to have available for baking.

Coconut Oil, Milk & Water

These are staples of low oxalate cooking and baking. One can never have enough coconut oil, milk or water! Coconut oil can also be used for coconut oil pulling, bonus!

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a wonderful resource for those who do not live near a healthy food store. A huge variety of foods are offered from the leading brands and delivered to your doorstep with ease. Thrive Market is a member only site which requires an annual membership fee. Thrive is offering 25% off the first order along with a 30 day trial membership.

Low Oxalate Flours

Flour? In a gift basket? Definitely. Baking foods low oxalate is very challenging and can be very expensive. It takes alot of trial and error to bake with low oxalate flours. The three flours I bake low oxalate breads, muffins and breakfast foods are: coconut flour, banana flour and oat flour. Each flour reacts differently from using white flour and to make it more challenging the different brands of flours can react differently in the same recipe.

You can see the problem! I guarantee if your low oxalate cook is a baker they have been in the flour aisle looking at different flours thinking how much they would like to try a different flour and then look at the cost and then think what if the recipe is a disaster. Unfortunately with low oxalate baking there is alot of tweaking involved and that means a few misses along the way.

The gift of flour should not be overlooked in a Low Oxalate Gift Basket.

Low Oxalate Coconut Flour 

Low Oxalate Green Banana Flour

Two other alternatives to white flour is Low Oxalate Oat Flour and Tapioca Flour  which is used as a thickener. What you will notice is the prices of low oxalate flours are significantly higher than purchasing white or wheat flour – which is why they make a great gift!

Over The Counter Ideas

What? As a gift? Yes. As a gift. A very practical gift.

Urine Test Strips – It doesn’t get more practical than these… because if a person is on a low oxalate menu and came from the land of kidney stones … things happen and they never happen during office hours. While the urine strips are not a substitute for a visit to a doctor, they are handy to have on hand. The strips can also be used for dogs if monitoring is necessary for urinary conditions.

AZO – This is the go to – over the counter aid of choice. Of course medical professionals should always be consulted.

Moist Heating Pads – Moist heat should never be underestimated if in the throes of a kidney stone episode. Enough said. The most convenient heating pads I like are the therabead heating pads which can be microwaved or the natural flax seed bags which can also be microwaved.

Low Oxalate Humor

Humor is absolutely required for a low oxalate diet.

For the chocolate lovers missing their chocolate and the spinach fans missing their fav … the Damn It Doll! Available in a wide variety of designs for when two words just say it all (and the two words aren’t low oxalate.)

damn it doll outside

Amusement Park Pass

This is anecdotal and one should proceed at their own risk. There are reports that hanging upside down or riding a roller coaster will help the passage of a kidney stone (with of course oodles and boodles of water.) Myth or Fact? No quantitative data here, but gravity will win … eventually.

Massage Gift Certificate

Who doesn’t love a good massage! Just take a look at the foods allowed on low oxalate diet and that is the definition of stress! Also good for all family members of a low oxalate cook as it can take a village to tame an oxalate.

Low Oxalate Recipes To Enjoy

Make a batch of Coconut Flour Chip Cookies or No Bake Coconut Balls

So easy! The best coconut flour chocolate chip cookies recipe.

to add to a Low Oxalate Gift Basket. Yummy low oxalate recipes for the sweet tooth!

Add the healthy Butternut Squash Apple Bake to the holiday menu; a versatile dish which can be a side dish or healthy dessert!

Happy Low Oxalate gift giving! What products would you like to receive?

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