Christmas Dessert Collection – 7 Easy Christmas Desserts

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Desserts are dear to my baking heart! Easy to make, some no bake are even dearier to my heart! I love to bake anytime of the year, but step it up during the holidays. Of course Grandma’s butter sugar cookies are a labor intensive treat every year with old school cookie cutters and personalized icing. Love the recipe, love Grandma, love the family tradition but those cookies are difficult to bake and decorate in quantity.

I like to have a few tried and true dessert recipes that are scrumptious, yummy and can easily be added to an homemade gift basket.

Christmas Dessert Collections

Enjoy the Christmas Dessert Collection which includes my favorites and does tilt toward chocolate holiday desserts because, well, some days require a lot of chocolate!

7 Days Of Christmas Dessert Recipes

  1. Just Scrumptious! Hello Dolly Bars are so easy to make, so easy to eat and there is never one leftover so be sure to set aside your share before serving. A frequent question – can you freeze Hello Dolly Bars? Yes. Absolutely. The bars are rich and a 13 X 9 is perfect to eat some, serve some and freeze a few.


Scrumptious Hello Dolly Bar recipe. Noone can eat just one!

2. Hey! Who changed the fudge recipe! And they thought I wouldn’t notice switching up the ingredients a smidge? This is the original Fantasy Fudge recipe I grew up with and is a Christmas tradition. The Original Fantasy Fudge with marshmallow creme is melt in your mouth delight!

Enjoy the original Fantasy Fudge recipe! The recipe we all grew up with and loved.

3. Enjoy 3 sweet and savory and everyone will want the recipe for these treats  of Sweet and Saltines by Trisha Yearwood, Christmas Chex Mix and Christmas Puffcorn. Addictive and remember to bring the recipe.

4. A twist on the traditional is the copycat recipe from the infamous Serendipty 3 sweet shop in NYC. This Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe is a great additional to any christmas dessert platter!

Enjoy this delish copycat recipe of the famous Serpendipity Frrrozen Hot Chocolate!


5. Puff It Up with Christmas Puffcorn and your guest will thank you. Sweet with white chocolate and salty with puffcorn. Love it!


6. Oh Canada! The classic national treat of Canada (I just found out about!) is the Nanaimo Bar recipe. A creamy layer of luscious custard is the inside treat of this easy to make dessert bar.

Nanaimo Bar


7. After six yummy recipes for the sweet fans is the Christmas Vegetable Tree. Veggies for dessert? Sure. This is an edible Christmas Tree which can be a combo appetizer, centerpiece and dessert as the guests love munching on this tree throughout the meal. Add your favorite serving dishes of healthy dips as your tree to enjoy the tree.edible Christmas Tree


8. Bonus Recipe! No Bake Christmas Coconut Balls!

Who doesn’t love a healthy treat and love even more a no bake holiday treat! Christmas Coconut Balls are it!

No Bake Coconut Balls recipe. Easy 3 ingredient recipe for the holidays!


Happy Holidays! Happy Baking! Happy Snacking from The Savvy Age!


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