DIY Walnut Shell Christmas Ornament

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Homemade and handmade Christmas ornament made of walnut shells! One walnut shell makes two adorable and personalized ornaments. The Walnut Shell Christmas Ornament is a fun handmade gift or stocking stuffer to add a unique whimsical twist to the Christmas tree.

Collage of walnut shell christmas ornaments

How To Make A Walnut Shell Christmas Ornament


Half of shelled whole walnut

Scrap material

Glue gun

Miniature figure (ideas below)

Scrap Styrofoam

Ribbon optional

walnut shell christmas ornament with santa


  1. Use a pre shelled walnut half or a thoroughly cleaned out the walnut.
  2. Place a small piece of styrofoam inside the shell to anchor the ornament.
  3. Cut out a piece of fabric or fleece sized to cover the top of the walnut shell.
  4. Place the fabric into the top of the walnut shell as if making a cloud for the figure to stand on.
  5. Glue the mini figurine into the walnut shell.
  6. If the mini figurine is an ornament then you are done as the hanger is included with the ornament.
  7. Let dry.
  8. If a tree hanger is needed, make a loop of ribbon or cord and glue each end to the back of the figurine.
  9. Hang on the tree.

Walnut Shell Tips!

Adding a tiny piece of scrap styrofoam inside the walnut shell first is a great stabilizer for the walnut and allows the figurines to easily stand tall inside of slipping and sliding within the walnut shell.

If your walnut shell is wobbling during the construction of the walnut shell Christmas ornament simply use a piece of tape or double sided tape to anchor the bottom of the walnut shell to the surface. This allows proper placement of the blanket or figurine into the shell.

Personalize The Walnut Shell Christmas Ornament

The Walnut Shell Ornaments are perfect to personalize and make fun handmade stocking stuffers! The fun part is choosing the mini figurines or characters to match the recipient. The Christmas Walnut Shell Ornament can be Christmas themed or some of my favorite mini characters include:

Snoopy and the Peanuts family


Santa and Christmas


Everyday heroes (professions)

Disney characters

Cartoon characters


Safari and Zoo animals


Where To Find Or Buy Walnut Shells

If you live in walnut country then this is not a problem! Whole walnuts abound and I suspect your neighbor would be thrilled to part with a few walnuts. However obtaining whole walnuts can be difficult in my part of the country. The only time I see whole walnuts are at Christmas or at a farmers’ market. I use Etsy as a resource for half walnut shells; the bonus is the half walnut shell is already cleaned for you and the prices are very affordable. Search walnut shells on Etsy and quite a few sellers will appear.

More Walnut Shell Crafts

DIY Christmas Walnut Shell Place Card

Add a popsicle stick to the Walnut Shell Ornament and turn your ornament into a place card for your Christmas party.  A handmade twist for this easy DIY for your for Christmas parties and Christmas decor.

Christmas walnut shell place card with snowman

DIY Walnut Shell Reindeer Ornament

Oh Rudolph! Adorable Walnut Shell Reindeer Ornament made from a whole walnut adds a homemade touch to your tree and is a perfect gift for Rudolph fans!

Fun and easy DIY Reindeer Ornament. Use walnut shells for this cute homemade ornament.


Mini Walnut Shell Cornucopia For Thanksgiving

Use mini vegetables and half of a walnut shell to make these cute walnut shell cornucopia to sprinkle around a Thanksgiving Table.

Walnut Shell Pumpkins And Spiders

Easy Halloween craft for kids to turn walnut shells into pumpkins and spiders. The Walnut Shell Pumpkin is a fun craft for kids and easy to decorate for younger children.

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