Dreaming Of Going Off the Grid?

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Who hasn’t dreamed about going off the grid? This month marks a memory of the great blackout of 2003 in which the Northeast, Midwest and parts of Canada went off the electrical grid.

It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t amusing. We were not prepared.

I recall being in the office around 4 p.m. when whoosh! All the electricity went out. We looked at each other like – hmmm?

Then we peeked out the office doors into the darkened halls and joined our comrades in the parking lot to assess what was going on. The first sign of major trouble was the silence… never a good sound in a major city. Next sign was no communication via cell phone. And so it went on for … days. We were one of the very last areas to be “turned” back on to the electrical grid. Ah the memories.

But I digress.

And that was my first thought of wouldn’t it be nice to go off the grid? I’ve been very interested in how to go off the grid in the ensuing years – but we are still on the grid.

Ever dream of going off the grid and homesteading? Tips and tutorials on Pinterest Off The Grid Board.

Learning How To Live Free – Getting Off The Grid

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes and how to go about getting off the grid, Andria Perry details her plans and preparations to get off the grid in her blog, Learning How To Live Free: Getting Off The Grid . Journey along with Andria as she farms, plants, cans, preps, plans and explores the DIY methods to prepare to go off the grid. Planning and execution is essential to even entertain the thought of trying to go off the grid.

For now I will let Andria do the planning and execution and will follow along as an interested spectator and bystander to see how she executes her plans to go off the grid in the future. There are many great DIY tutorials and tips included in her blog that can be applied to all of our homes and lifestyles, grid or gridless.

Off The Grid Pinterest Board

So inspired by Andria’s series I decided to open an Off The Grid Pinterest Board. Along with off the grid articles I am collecting I’ve added tiny houses to the mix. Tiny houses are another interest of mine.

I love the idea of owning a tiny portable house along with going off the grid and living a more minimalist lifestyle.

For now I am on the grid in a non portable house! But one never knows what the future holds.

Resources For Homesteading Beginners


  1. I love tiny houses if they are set up a certain way. I have seen some cute ones. I can’t believe the price they want for a tiny house. I would love to live off the grid. I knwo it will never happen in my life time. As I would need help that I do not have. A person can dream though right?

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