DIY Homemade Hand Soap

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How many times a day do you wash your hands? ALOT lately! It’s amazing how quick a bottle of liquid hand soap disappears when the whole family is at home. Making your own foaming hand soap is an easy DIY and bonus! can double as a DIY science project for the kids.

Turn ordinary bottles into foaming hand soap and enjoy the aroma of essential oils added to customize this necessary tool in our toolbox in the battle against germs.



How Do You Make Homemade Hand Soap?


1 foaming soap container
2 tablespoons Castille SoapDr. Bonner’s unscented is a favorite, any castille soap will work
1 teaspoon Almond oil
10-15 drops Tea Tree essential oil
5 drops Lemon essential oil (an alternative would be Wild Orange)


Making your own homemade foaming hand soap is very easy and quick to accomplish in a few steps!

  1. Pour the castile soap and the Almond Oil into a foaming soap container of your process 1
  2. Carefully add the essential oils.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. ** Do not fill the container to the top ***in proc 2
  4. Leave about an inch of space at the top of the container so the foaming pump can be inserted and the water does not overflow.
  5. Place the top back on the pump top and shake ever so gently.

in proc 3

Voila! Your essential oils foaming Hand Soap is ready for prime time.

Just pump the desired amount into hands and wash with warm water for a natural way to clean hands.

The Healthy Benefit Of Homemade Hand Soap

Soap and water is always the first choice to fight against germs according to the CDC. While the convenience of the disposable  hand sanitizers are great – and I always have a few floating around the office, car and purse – soap is the fighter of choice against germs. 

There is a reason scientists call soap and water for hand washing a superpower!

Superhero cartoon with supergirl fighting off germs.

The CDC recommends soap and water as the first line of defense against “microbes” of all genres because water and soap cover all bases in the fight against germs. Now more than ever, the guidelines and best practice is very important to follow multiple times throughout the day as a best practice.

How Long To Wash Your Hands?

A minimum of twenty seconds is recommended by the CDC or two chorus’ of Happy Birthday! We’ve all watched television shows where surgeons scrub their hands – and we can follow by example (for at least 20 seconds!) 

It is also recommended to dry the hands with a clean paper towel or air dry. A handy fact sheet is available here.

Stay At Home Science Lesson

If you are homeschooling or find yourself teaching the kids at home, this is a great little DIY to combine a DIY with a lesson on essential oils, entrepreneurship and making a necessity for our health and home.

Children of all ages can make the foaming hand soap with a little adult help and for the kids who always wonder, “How things are made?” this gives a nice insight on the ease of making a bottle of hand soap at home versus buying at the store.

Homemade Hand Soap Makes A Practical Gift

Foaming bottles of homemade hand soap is a practical gift all year long: stocking stuffers, Valentine’s Day, teacher gifts, party favor and a very useful and practical gift during cold and flu season. Essential oils fans will appreciate this homemade essential oils addition to their home or office.

A few drops of an essential oil goes a long way along with a trip to the Dollar Store to find soap containers. I love the Dollar store for DIY projects and use my Dollar Store shopping strategies when planning craft and DIY projects.

For times when travelling to the dollar store is not an option there are many choices online to purchase the materials. Each hand soap only takes a few drops of essential oils leaving plenty leftover for your own essential oil needs.

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