How To Safely Control The Dandelion (flower or weed!)

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With spring comes dandelions and the challenge begins! Are dandelions your friend? A vegetable? A treat? A flower? Foe or friend to your lawn? Do they stay or do they go?

Eco friendly dandelion removal tips for your lawn. Remove those pesky flowers or use the flowers!

In my area of the United States many consider the dandelion a weed, but technically the dandelion is a flower. While we may not care for the look of our lawns as the dandelions proliferate, we do look for ways to control the dandelion safely.

Safety first for our health, our pets’ health and the the environment we share.

Best Lawn Treatment For Dandelions

The healthiest way to remove dandelions is with labor! Have you ever done battle with a heavily rooted dandelion?

They are tough! It can be back breaking work which is why I rely on the TALL weed tools for dandelion and weed removal.

I like the extra power the foot pedal gives especially with dandelions; dandelions have a long tap root and it is essential the entire root is removed for successful dandelion removal.

Highly concentrated vinegar can be used with caution to spot control dandelions. Caution is necessay as the grass surrounding the dandelion can die.

Organic weed killers have also become popular to safely treat your lawn verses the traditional pesticide. If you have ever woken up on a spring morning only to find an entire lawn full of dandelions the spot removal of the dandelion is not practical and an organic weed killer may be necessary to start off the spring lawn season.

 Dandelion FAQ

Which falls under who knew? Maybe you did, I did not. The dandelion is a flower.

According to My dandelion is a flower website:

  • Dandelions close at night and open in the mornings
  • The dandelion is the only flower of which the three celestial bodies are represented: sun = flower, moon = white puffball, stars = seeds
  • The root, leaf and flower of the dandelion can all be used for food, medicine or as a dye.
  • Dandelion originates from the French word dent de lion which means lions tooth and refers to the edges on the leaves.
  • The dandelion has one of the longest flowering seasons of any plant (don’t we know it!)
  • Dandelion tea is favored by many as a digestive aid.
  • For those seeking a coffee tastalike, the Dandy Herbal Beverage Blend is caffeine and gluten free.

Is The Dandelion A Flower or Weed?

Admittedly I have a low interest in spending my time pulling weeds and thus evaluate the weeds in my yard.  I don’t often admit that I have a little internal conversation with a few weeds (even the dandelion masquerading as a flower) when I tour the yard.

Are you an attractive weed? If yes, you stay (if you are not invasive or harmful)

Are you a flowering weed? If yes, you stay.

Are you a weed which fits into the landscape? If yes, you stay.

Are you an ugly weed, invading, pesky or annoying other plants? If yes, you must be removed.

Canada Targets The Dandelion

Calgary has municipal rules regarding the dandelion. Residents can be fined  if the dandelions are allowed to grown over six inches high. The use of herbicides are heavily regulated which puts homeowners in the position of what to do with a crop of dandelions? Mow, mow, mow?

In 2010 the Alberta Weed Control Act dandelions were declared no longer a noxious weed. Municipalities throughout Canada have grappled with how to control dandelions with restrictions on pesticides and the methods used. The Canada Gardner offers a tips on how to control the dandelion population.

Who knew a little ole dandelion could cause such a controversy!

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  1. This year I used what I could of the plants, I still have a long way to go to make jelly each year and freeze the greens for later, as for the coffee thing I most certain will be doing more root drying.

  2. Dandelions are one of the earliest sources of food for bees. When poison is used on them it often also poisons the bees that feed on them. I’m pro dandelion 😉 If figure if you must insist on removing them please dig them up or use a vinegar solution to control them.

  3. It really irks me that municipalities are going all out to target dandelions. They’re a beneficial plant, and they’re in no danger of choking out anyone’s vegetable patch or prize roses. They can co-exist very nicely with other plants, and the only danger they pose is to the absolutely useless green stuff people insist is “normal” to grow around their homes.

  4. In Scotland dandelions are colloquially known as ”pee-the-beds”- the inference being that handling the plant causes one to do just that! In fact, if eaten, they act as a diuretic so that old wives’ tale is at least partially true. By the way there is no botanical classification of ”weed”. It’s a gardeners’ term referring to any plant growing where it isn’t wanted.

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