Can Brain Improvement Games Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

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Fact or myth or hype that brain improvement games can prevent Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? We frequently ‘hear’ that if you don’t exercise your body you lose muscle and the same reasoning for the brain? The brain can be trained like a muscle. Studies consistently lend credence to the relevance of brain exercise to improve cognitive decline associated with aging; hence the use it or lose it theory. The popularity of brain improvement games continues to soar.

Crossword puzzle.

The effect of brain exercise continues to be studied with additional vigor as the population ages and the numbers of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia increases. Some studies have been promising, some have been inconclusive and as with many clinical studies are dependent upon funding.

Studies definitely demonstrate that brain exercise has a positive effect on your health at any age just as a healthy diet and physical exercise program do. Is it possible that brain games may actually help prevent or reduce the chances of people suffering from such brain aging diseases as Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Brain Improvement Games In the Prevention Of Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

The limited studies and clinical trials that have been completed on the effect of brain exercise in relation to preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia are inconclusive. Inconclusive because in depth studies are continuing, inconclusive because the current studies are seeking to confirm a few early encouraging studies on the effect of brain games and Alzheimer’s. Cognitive training of the brain has been shown to benefit any person at any age; the medical community appears divided as to the exact effect on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Neuroscientists Consensus On Brain Games And Prevention Of Alzheimer’s

In reaction to the ‘is it fact or fiction that brain exercise can prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s’, the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Berlin Max Planck Institute for Human Development reacted with a consensus statement. The consensus statement was prompted by the current marketing of brain games in relation to medical facts.

The consensus is a detailed summary of their current beliefs regarding the effect of brain games for cognitive skills,the need for additional studies, the researchers view on the effect of brain games for Alzheimer patients, the marketing of brain games and the current clinical evidence.

Results from a Speed Of Processing Training released in 2017 : 29 percent reduction in risk of dementia. Read the results of the study here.

Games To Improve Brain Are Versatile

Brain exercise games can be extremely fun and entertaining for any age. The  cover a variety of activities that help you improve and maintain your memory, assist cognitive thinking skills and problem solving skills. Traditional board games, puzzles, word searches and online brain games are amongst todays’ choices. Game enthusiasts and activity centers frequently hold brain game events and classes which include:

    • Scrabble
    • Clue
    • Pictionary
    • Boggle
    • Card games
    • Online brain games

Free Online Brain Improvement Games

Free brain games are available online with a quick search of the internet. Be sure to choose a reputable website and url address prior to entering the site as some sites can be spammy. Reputable sites with free games that challenge the mind for seniors and anyone interested in brain improvement games include:

  • AARP’s game site with a special section of Brain games
  • The CNN games site has a section devoted to brain games including the fun brain games Uber Brain and Wild Word Garden
  • For those interested is Android or iOS free games, search your Google or Apple store for games such as Fit Brains Trainer, Lumosity or Cognifit Brain Fitness.

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