Grand Rapids, Michigan Makes Retirement List

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In recent times, news have come and gone featuring Grand Rapids, Michigan’s second largest city and the United States’ 114th.  Located on the banks of River Grand, GR is arguably one of the most industrialized and influential cities in the US. For some, it is the furniture city but for baby boomers, it is a perfect place for rest!

Why Grand Rapids should be on your retirement location list.Well positioned about 170 miles away from Detroit, Grand Rapids makes room for fine culture coupled with several beautiful attractions that oldies should not miss for any reason. Today, Grand Rapids has earned much of its fame for providing affordable accommodation for every single retiree.

As a baby boomer looking to retire anytime soon, you might find it interesting that Grand Rapids delivers great quality of life as said by Rick Baker, CEO of a local chamber of commerce. In addition to this, the city boasts of great health care services, standard automotive and consumer goods industries; together with substantial natural resources that are well protected for the present citizens and future folks. Looking further, GR is the only city in the US with more Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings per capita.

Grand Rapids – in addition to its affordability is a credible home for arts and entertainment. The search for a perfect place to relax for the rest of lifetime doesn’t have to cost a fortune and that’s what the Rapids city is all about. ‘Comfortability & Affordability’.


Dutch Art: GR arts Museum hosts the Dutch Utopia which features the American artists that visited Holland from 1880-1914. The museum is a must see as it displays the work of forty-three American artists who had a great stay in Netherlands over the century.

Farmers Market: Here’s one of the most lively and vivacious places in the whole of Michigan! The farmers market brings to everyone within and near the community the best of fresh fruits, flowers, plants and vegetables in wholesome bountifulness. It is also a great place for homemade goods from various farms.

The Big Old Building (B.O.B): For someone who is retiring, stress should be steered clear into oblivion and as such, entertainment is ideal for this purpose. The B.O.B is an entertainment center with multiple facets, housing state-of-the-art restaurants, night club, micro-brewery, comedy club and private rooms. Many blues artists visit the Big Old Building often in order to give the people of Grand Rapids a refreshing lifestyle with blues music.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Ranked 5th Most Livable City

— According to AARP Magazine, Grand Rapids is the 5th ‘most livable city for less’ in the U.S. A true low-cost settlement community that is full of life!

Grand Rapids might be a great place for retirees but not only that, people who intend to stay out of town for vacation are also welcome in the city. Hotels like The Ramada, The Grand Michigan hotel, The Days Hotel, etc. are interesting places to lodge for vacation. Because these hotels are based in GR, you don’t have to break the bank to book one. After all, Grand Rapids is a place for everyone!

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