My Favorite Stainless Steel Friend! Review: Bar Keepers

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You are probably wondering why my favorite pot is nestled in the grass. You may also notice how my favorite stainless steel pot is not in good shape and looking a smidge traumatized. Needless to say the pot had a tough night all by itself out on the lawn. Thankfully, superhero Barkeepers came to its’ rescue.

When Cooking Goes Bad, Very Very Bad

During a late night of multi tasking I thought I would be very organized and make a pot of chicken soup. Sounds harmless enough, I’ve made chicken soup so many times I could make it in my sleep. So as I buzzed around the house and multi-tasked I put the chicken broth on the stove with the intent to bring the broth to a boil.

Understatement. I made the cooking operator error and quickly forgot about the chicken broth. The broth came to a boil and ideally I would notice this to begin part two of cooking the soup. Except I was way too busy multi tasking and boiled away my chicken broth in my favorite stainless steel pot. My stainless steel pot was not a happy camper. I was not a happy camper, but thankful that I did eventually notice what was happening on the stove before any damage was done.

Bar Keepers to the rescue to restore stainless steel. DIY with Bar Keepers.

Now it is late at night and what to do with this extremely hot pot; I decided the safest place to rest the pot and let it cool off was the lawn. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time. I would assess the damage in the morning. Hence how my pot ended up on the lawn.

Bar Keepers To The Rescue

When I assessed the damage to the pot in the morning I found a stainless steel pot beyond recognition. The entire interior was totally black. I was extremely close to throwing out the pot except it was my favorite pot. Sure I could replace it, but a little sentimentality towards this 20 year old pot and it was part of a matching set which had served me so well through the years. So I decided to see if I could restore the pot with Bar Keepers which I always keep a can on hand.

Bar Keepers Friend Indeed

For years Bar Keepers has been my tried and true cleaner. I have used Bar Keepers with excellent results throughout the kitchen on kitchen tops, stove tops, sinks plus pots and pans. But my soup pan was a challenge.

Much scrubbing, a few interesting words and more scrubbing with Bar Keepers and voila! the pot has been restored. Shiny as it will ever be considering its’ age and now back under the counter with its’ matching companions. Thanks Bar Keepers!


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