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Valentine's Day tree with branches.

Valentine's Day Heart Tree

Take a look around the house, the craft stash and the yard and the materials for this Valentine's Day Heart Tree will be found! Head to the Dollar Store for the felt heart ornaments and this quick and easy Valentine's Day craft will be made in no time and for a buck.
Keyword Valentine's Day Heart Tree
Author The Savvy Age


  • Sturdy branches from your yard, park, neighborhood
  • Tall cylinder glass vase
  • Felt Heart Stickers
  • Invisible thread or regular thread


  • This is the toughest part if you live in a cold weather state! Bundle up and head outside to your yard to find branches. I clipped these branches off one of the trees in the yard in the winter. Brrrrr! Any sturdy branch will work that "wanders" as in has a main branch with the little branches wandering off the main branch. Clip a few single branches also to fill in if needed. The selection may be slightly sparse as it is winter and not prime branch season, but winter is prime branch season for branches without leaves! Perfect for the Valentine's Day Heart Tree.
  • Arrange the branches in the vase to your liking. Trim the branches if needed.
  • It can be a delicate balance between the branches and the vase so that the vase does not tip over. Put a towel or paper towels on the table to cushion any unintended tipover.
  • Cut invisible thread, ribbon or regular thread into pieces to make the heart hangers.
  • Tie the thread into a loop.
  • Attach to the back of the hearts with glue or tape.
  • Hang on your tree!